We move on

It has become clear that we will not receive justice at the hand of our bishop or from the United Methodist Church at any level.

Three of our group continue their ministries of helping the homeless find housing, food, and healthcare at Church of the Reconciler. Others decided we could no longer be a part of a ministry in which we had no voice.

While a great many services are still available to the homeless, the children’s ministry has never been revived, and the ministry as a whole is a shadow of its former self. One member said upon leaving, “I no longer find life here; I only see the bones of what was.”

Some former members have moved to other churches. In addition, many of us are now working together to form a new organization, the Birmingham Progressive Christian Alliance. We meet weekly for book study, prayer and communion. We share meals together periodically. We pledge to live nonviolently and to see Jesus in others. We work for justice. You are invited to join us.



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